What We Do!

Entrusting your IT support and IT strategy, whether you are a small company of 20 or a larger company of 100+, with Quadratek you can be confident in the knowledge that your systems are being managed, monitored and administered by a dedicated consistent team of engineers who are only a phone call away.

With our 3 levels of support package, Quadratek works in partnership with you to ensure your planned IT path is mapped to meet your specific business requirements & company objectives; both technically to satisfy your IT team & users, & financially to satisfy your Finance Director.

Quadratek appreciates the importance of establishing and maintaining a close working relationship with our customers; we are not a call logging service but a resolution finder. We don’t want to make our customers a call statistic; we want to assist them as quickly as possible enabling them to get back to doing their job earning your business money, whilst providing a high quality, cost effective support solution.

How We do IT

The Quadratek Service Desk consolidates all incidents, problems and change requests in one tool enabling our dedicated team to resolve issues using an award-winning IT automation platform that integrates and automates many basic IT tasks.  It utilises secure remote access and direct computer management to expedite fault resolution and minimise the impact to your organisation, ensuring effective fault analysis.

With the role of IT changing radically in the years since widely-used IT management methodologies like ITIL were devised, Quadratek as chosen not to be ITIL aligned, but instead to use the more accessible, nimble and flexible GTD (Get Things Done) methodology.  Broken down it quite simply means:

  • Collect
  • Process
  • Organise
  • Review
  • Do

We aim to exceed the customers' expectations by providing accurate fault resolution in a timely manner.