LAN Rationalisation


Defence Intelligence and Security Centre (DISC), in Chicksands, Bedfordshire is the UK Defence Agency responsible for training all service personnel in intelligence, security and information support. A former religious site, and for 45 years home of the United States Air Force Security Unit, the site is one of the most striking military bases in the UK.

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Cabinet Rationalisation

In mid-2015, Kingston University called on its trusted IT services provider, Quadratek to rationalise 80 IT server racks and cabinets across its four campuses. Serving all areas across the estate, these cabinets provide network access to student accommodation, libraries, faculty and management departments, retail areas and, crucially, the university’s security function.

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Ministry of Defence (DISC)

Quadratek Infrastructure was awarded the challenging task of rationalising MoD DISC’s 13 disparate Training LANs, spanning 23 buildings, to create 3 robust and centralised 10gbit LAN domains with a minimum of 1gbit desktop capability.  Throughout the duration of the upgrade it was imperative minimal disruption was experienced by the end users at this essential MoD training facility.

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