Capacity and strategy planning

Matching your available resources to operational needs can be something of a juggling act.  Too much capacity sees people and resources being underused. This means unnecessary expense - and reduced profits.  Too little capacity means resources are stretched. This could result in substandard service, lost customers – and reduced profits.  With Quadratek, you can minimise both these scenarios with our capacity and strategy planning capability.


Strategy Planning

We’ll help you develop an IT strategy that aligns your IT function to your business goals. With the emphasis on improving productivity, profitability and staff morale at your business, this will involve three key stages:

1 establishing your requirements – we’ll help you understand how your business plan will affect IT processes, core applications and the infrastructure components that support them.

2 application demand modelling – this will show how your infrastructure will support your business’s activities. It will also highlight technical requirements such as how much CPU, memory, and storage you’ll need.

3 capacity planning and budgeting – with your capacity constraints identified, project managers, architects, and operations analysts at Quadratek will work with you to design, cost and implement your capacity plan.