[INFOGRAPHIC] Fibre Optic Cabling Benchmarking Test Results

This week’s infographics takes an in-depth look at fibre optic cabling and how different types can affect network performance. The image itself is courtesy of US company Siemon, following benchmarking tests on different types of fibre cabling.

The testing and accompanying study included looking at generic fibre jumpers, which can be obtained through retail channels, usually online through approved resellers and big brand names from around the globe. This was intended to help infrastructure specialists help understand the variables that could be at work when it comes to the solutions that they choose.

The actual testing was carried out on 36 randomly selected samples of duplex LC laser optimised multimode OM3 50/125 fibre jumpers. These were obtained from nine suppliers including leading worldwide manufacturers and generic assembly factories.

Insertion and return loss performance were rigorously tested as these are fundamental to assessment when it comes to channels and support. This was intended to look at how the signal from the fibre might be degraded.

To take a look at the full results and detailed explainations of the benchmark findings, take a look here.